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tv   Fox 46 News 10pm  FOX  February 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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again. america never stopped being great. bill: hillary clinton wins picked him up or sanders. the democratic primary. we have reaction and by some say they were surprised the margin she won by. kayla: they could have could have asked for more gorgeous weekend in charlotte but the possibility of what weather is coming back. your full forecast for the workweek. good evening and thank you for joining us on fox 46 news at 10. i'm kayla ayres. bill: i'm bill melugin. park officials tell us a man in his 20s fell in the boulders. apart to you was airlifted to hospital but we don't have any word on who he is or what his condition is tonight. kayla: dozens of shots fired into vehicles in the lobby of an uptown hotel. now cmpd has three men in custody. ashley mcghee and his live in
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>> police say the three men were in town for the ciaa tournament and fired about 50 shots on a busy weekend in charlotte. it was a scary sight for people at the hyatt hotel hotel in sky condominium. about 50 shots were fired into two vehicles and the lobby of the building on south caldwell street leaving behind a number of marks. >> i guess i knew a lot of people would be out here. they know it's a public event so somebody who has nothing to do could have gotten hurt. >> cmpd says howard kevin wright kevin demetrius thompson and sub three have been arrested for their involvement in the shooting. just before 5:00 a.m. on sunday police heard multiple gunshots in the area and witnessed one of the men fleeing the scene in an ultima.
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one of the men jumped out sending police on a the foot chase. no one was injured during the shooting but police say wright was caught with an ak additional weapons were found inside the car. >> imagine if you were walking from that we i could have gotten shot myself pay. >> people in the area said it's scary to think it happened on such a busy week and in the queen city. shocking. >> police have charged all three of them in the three into an unoccupied dwelling and discharging a firearm. two of the men thompson and wright are also facing carrying a concealed weapon charges. >> at the end of the day of violence anywhere is a bad thing. police say the initial -- zero this was not a random act of violence.
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this weekend and based on number of officers on patrol throughout the weekend. kayla: anyone with additional information related to the shooting is asked to contact crime stoppers. cmpd is reporting nine other arrests during this ciaa tournament weekend. they say for roker all related, three were simple assault charges and two were for trespassing. a bar department worked with officers and alcohol officials to check more than 100 venues that advertise ciaa related events. several venues were cited in close because of code violations. bill: police investigating shooting to happen this morning. we have learned one person was hit and it started because of her road rage incident. please tell us the victim identified as ryan barrett is at the hospital in stable condition that he was allegedly shot a 27-year-old robert andrews. police said they were involved in a car accident. witnesses say they rushed to the scene and help the victim until
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>> i have four sons and one daughter and i wouldn't want it took been one of my children. spent the shooting victims car was towed away in one witness who did not want to be a device that he saw the accident and the shooting. so far no charges have been filed and it's still an ongoing investigation. kayla: police are searching for gunmen after deadly shooting at a party. gas in county police say a man was shot at a home on lanier avenue outside of mt. holly this might be the victim has not been identified but is described as between 20 and 30 years old. officer say other partygoers took them into the hospital where he died. investigators are asking anyone who attended this party to contact police or crime stoppers. and gastonia gastonia mall to both shots were fired into homan 1800 block of florida st. on saturday evening but according to the police report that home was occupied at the time of the shooting rate we are waiting on
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an absolutely beautiful sunday but we looks like it will be creeping into the forecast for at what we can expect let's head over to brian basham. >> not that fast on a rates. another day this really nice warm weather like we had today. a big weather pattern has the southern two-thirds of the country feeling pretty good out there. look how warm it is right now. we are sitting at 57 but i want to point out we have picked up a little bit of wind at 40 miles an hour. that will put the upper 50's to low 50's out there but that's a southwesterly wind will keep the warmer air coming in as well. so when we look at your headlines tomorrow will be a repeat of today. we will see a weak cold front pushed across the area tomorrow without much effect. we'll show you that coming up in
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bigger cold front that will build -- be moving in wednesday and that will bring the bigger effect of moisture to the area. we will keep track of that in another 10 minutes. bill: i like the sound of her repeated today. for a run of donald trump is taking a lot of heat for his response to controversial endorsement. this is happening on the same day trump received his first senate endorsement by alabama's jeff sessions. trump is getting a lot of criticism for his response after former kkk leader david duke voice support for him. listen to this trump claims to have never met duke and says he doesn't know anything about him but critics say trump has not strongly denounced duke. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone refuses to condemn white supremacy. bill: both parties her book is the most week's super tuesday contests. the latest polls show hillary clinton and donald trump with a commanding lead the trump is trailing in taxes to senator ted
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for grabs. kayla: south carolina's democratic -- under wraps. most say they were pulling for bertie sanders and were surprised to see clinton win by such a large margin. emily collins has the story. >> a lot of skirting around issues. >> winthrop university junior eric hammond wasn't polling for clinton or sanders during the south carolina democratic ryan mary election. but he was a bit shocked at the end results. >> i knew hillary was most likely going to win but i didn't think it would be by that much. >> following his win in new hampshire sanders made a mad -- to hit voters in south carolina specially those who are young
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what resonates. winthrop sophomore suzanna mccray was disappointed to see clinton clinched the election in the palmetto state but she said it was expected. >> i wasn't polling for her but a lot of people around here were. >> according to exit polls african-american voters chose clinton over sanders by more than 6-1 in south carolina. in the end clinton walked away with nearly 74% of the vote. this huge margin extend her lead over sanders and delegates needed to clinch the democratic nomination but some voters still are commands she are any of the presidential front-runners are right for the job. >> sanders aides have said they would believe clinton remains vulnerable in many states
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minnesota and his home state of vermont. kayla: thanks emily. voters from each of those states and eight others will be heading to the polls on super tuesday. bill: with the latest on the investigation after a virginia police officer shot and killed on her very first day on the job. kayla: was an arson or accident though? with wire officials are reviewing about the blaze that destroyed the schoolhouse. that story coming up. ah, smell that air. yeah. smells good. really good. oh, hold on. i gotta stop. why? i gotta get home and wait for the cable company. k, but we just left your house. oh my gosh, great workout. no, this is your house! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to get out of your morning run. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. now you can choose a one-hour arrival window, and our new tech tracker feature will alert you with a text or email with your technician's name and photo
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bill: good evening and welcome back. now after beautiful day like this everyone is hoping we have turned a corner and heading straight into spring. certainly with temperatures for this warm we can certainly think so. we'll see cooler temperatures rolling in later on in the week but enjoy it while we it while we have it pretty c-47 boone and 42 jefferson. we do also note the wind, the heaviest of the winds inside charlotte a 40 miles an hour. once an issue over the last week. these are not horrible wins but elevated. if you have to go out and i mind there will be a bit of a windchill. grab a jacket as you head out the door. thinking about layering is to get into the day tomorrow and i want to point out we do have changes on the way. as you can see nothing happening across the area for today but we
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just to the north of us. you can see rain attached to it north of that frontal boundary but this is a fairly weak frontal boundary is a come across the area tomorrow. this will affect us in the overnight hours. you are looking at right of the top of charlotte. by the time the morning is over behind it any changes for rain will be isolated to the mountain ranges. jefferson the new land areas to the north a chance for rain tomorrow. should be happy but that's what we will get. we will pick up cloud cover as we get towards the afternoon hours around noon. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy in the area but then we should break it up later into the afternoon and evening hours. it will be clear heading into tomorrow night. another frontal boundary behind that and we will address that coming up later on. here's a look at the temperature tomorrow.
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out, jumped to 10 at 9:00 a.m. and another 10 in the afternoon. in the cities it will feel very comfortable. as a matter fact the next three days temperatures will stay fairly warm, 67 tuesday begin up cloud cover late chances for rain and wednesday looks like her best chance for rain but not our only chance. we will get into that coming up in about 10 minutes. bill: this story is sopel to tell you about. a virginia police officers very first days on the job ended in tragedy when she was shot and killed her and responded to house call. were spotted kristen fischer has the details. >> the shooters identified as staff sergeant ronald hamilton who was assigned to the pentagon and now he's accused of killing a marine veteran who was working her for her shift as a police officer.
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started on friday. he states less than 24 hours later officer guindon was dead. >> she was not only passionate that she was intelligent and she struck up that way prior to hiring her. officer guindon two other officers responded to a call about it domestic disturbance and would bridge virginia. police say when they approached the front door the suspect opened fire. officer guindon died at the hospital and the other two are they were covering. staff sergeant hamilton surrendered without further incident. why not surge were able to search his home they found his wife dead and the couple's 11-year-old son scared but not her. he is facing several charges including first-degree murder of his wife in capital murder of a police officer. her father who is in the
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after returning home from iraq. the suspect is due in court tomorrow morning. bill: onto a box 46 update. the old hillebrand high school might the a case of arson or electrical fire. the fire marshal told the hildebrand meeting the cause of the fire can be figured out right now because they can't go inside the building. flames gutted the 99-year-old elting on monday as you can see the video bid of former school had controversy over whether or not should be demolished. no word on when investigators will go back in the building. kayla: south carolina lawmakers have set aside a bill that would allow school employees to carry guns on campus. a house subcommittee voted to set aside the bill. it will allow school employees to carry guns after two weeks of training. u.s. representative philip low said he was trying to protect
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schools that can't afford a police officer. law enforcement say two weeks of training is not enough when it comes to handling a gun on school grounds. bill: if you like to ride around on two wheels you may want to -- the charlotte regional transportation planning organization is developing a map for cyclists and mecklenburg in union county area. the plan is to help writers identify on road comfort level dangerous intersections and hills. there are several open meetings for feedback the first of which will be on monday from 4:00 to 7:00 in monroe city hall. you can head to the community room at the statesville wreckage and said wreckage and sent to the devil is in the rental car building the charlotte douglas airport will pick up tomorrow but work is needed to make room for phase one of the airport concourse expansion.
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the plans are part of a $2.5 billion spent and that will add 18 gates. the project is anticipated to take a decade to finish and will be paid for with state and federal grants. senator chuck schumer wants to stop airline passengers from being squeezed into seats like sardines. senator schumer said he wants the faa to set rules for airlines. he said airlines have been shrinking the size of seats and leg room on planes for the last 45 years. distance between rows of seats have been cut in half from 35 inches to less than 17. l prices holding steady at below the 2-dollar mark. according to gas the average price of gas is holding steady at $1.75 a gallon. gas is cheaper than that in our area. prices are down 7 cents from this time last month and down 65 cents from this time last year. the state of hawaii has the highest gas prices in the nation
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gallon. kayla: coming up a bizarre story of a 23-year-old posing as a high school senior. what is his fellow schoolmates are saying about him getting busted. l are you likely to give certain
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bill: welcome back. 23 old man who posed as a high school student is facing charges of statutory assault and corruption of minors. police say arthur samarin is jailed for identity theft charges for the new charges stem from a 2014 relationship with a 15-year-old girl. the ukrainian national was arrested in pennsylvania last week after a two-month investigation. police say samarin changes name to asher potts and a rolled as a freshman and harris were high school in 2012. residents in class they say they
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>> what he did was wrong but he was trying to get an education about herself. >> everybody's surprise. some people felt sorry for him because they knew him. everybody a shot. bill: police say samarin state in the united states after his visa expired enrolled in school. he later joined the school rotc program as well as the national honor society. kayla: in recent years -- has become more more popular. a way to find out if you are predisposed to diseases that can cost thousands dollars. a wide angle shows us how the medical centers are now offering the test are free. >> dna sequencing research projects are underway at health institutions around the country. geisinger health system in pennsylvania is one asking patients to volunteer. president obama has also proposed initiative to fund facilities committed to dna
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with scientists worldwide. here is why. >> the goal of our large-scale research project is to learn which differences in dna sequence influence your health and risk for a particular disease. report the doctor leadbetter said his research so far has determined one in every 50 people has a genetic change that puts them at an increased risk of certain cancers or a heightened risk for heart disease, heart attack or high cholesterol based on family history. once an average patient is tested and made aware of the health implications they give that information to their doctor for and treatment options. the data is saved electronically in a bio banking can be passed along to descendents and other relatives. >> having your parents or grandparents information in dna we think of the future will be extremely variable to inform
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health risks. >> aside from research projects studying the genes dna sequencing is used to test people with a strong family history of certain diseases. chris got tested as a recommendation by her mother's doctor. due to my family history and a lot of people having -- and my family the chances of me having breast cancer was 90%. then she decided to have a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. she says her out of getting cancer had been reduced to 5% and her insurance paid for dna testing in preventative surgery. >> i think it's important. their there are a lot of genetic patients out there that haven't been discovered yet and i think
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mutation sake can come up with and that will treat patients to prevent diseases and cancer. bill: still to come that day that only arrives once every four years. you'll find out how businesses are rolling out deals just for leap year. kayla: three people stab death straight brawl at a kkk rally. what witnesses say happened when protesters clashed with clan members. >> tracking a couple of cold fronts. we will show you not only what the dozen terms arranged but how
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temperatures as well. kayla: recapping your top stories three-man are facing charges following a shooting in uptown. cmpd says 40 to 50 shots were fired into two cars and the lobby door at the hyatt hotel. howard kevin wright kevin demetrius thompson and dereke terrence bolton are facing several charges including dwelling. police tell us all three suspects were in town for the ciaa tournament in the shooting does not appear to be random. to make an alleged road rage incident sends one person to the hospital. kannapolis please say it 29-year-old ryan barrett was shot by robert andrews. the two were involved in a car wreck when the shooting happened on orphanage road this morning. there is in the hospital in stable condition and so far no
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police are searching for a murder suspect after a man was fatally shot at a party. guesting countably say he was shot at the home on lanier avenue outside of mt. holly. officers say the man was taken to the hospital by other partygoers were he died. investigators are asking anyone who attended that party to contact police or crime stoppers. bill: three people injured in dozen arrested after a kkk rally in southern california. >> three people were stabbed after a brawl broke out at a ku klux klan rally in southern california on saturday. witnesses say all hell broke loose after protesters -- authorities say the kkk anti-immigration rally with the same white lies matter. counter protesters confronted the kkk members and a fight ensued. one person was stabbed multiple times in the upper torso by one
10:30 pm
it is believed the stabbing took place with the flagpole with the eagle decoration on the end of the flight poll. >> the fight broke out on the street and the guys from the clan jumped in their suv and took off and free klansmen were left behind. the fight escalated down the street. five people were injured in the anaheim police department police chief said he will take a critical look at how the department handled the incident. in los angeles will carr "fox news." kayla: of hitting kansas is focusing on certain the healing process after deadly shooting rampage. police in hudson said gunmen armed with an assault style weapon killed three people and injured at least 14 others at excel industries on thursday britain officer took quick action and help the shooter identified as dashboard. local leaders and members of the community gathered at a town hall meeting to talk about how
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those lost the shooting. law enforcement officials say the suspect was known to local authorities. yet been served a restraining order earlier in the day requiring him to stay away from his former girlfriend. bill: it might be february but today felt like a spring april day. absolute gorgeous outside. for a check on our workweek forecast lets check with brian basham. what a day for us to be cooped up in a building. >> the weather were hold up nicely. keep in mind it's 11:00 here, 10:30 in temperatures were nice everywhere crested states. that warm air travels to the north. we'll see some changes this week and frontal boundaries pushing for the area could mean opportunities for brain and a ball he tonight or tomorrow but as we get into tuesday evening we pick rain chances and tuesday
10:32 pm
night into friday solid chances of rain as well. we will see some cooler temperatures as we approach the weekend. as we track futurecast we talked about the cold front here. scattered clouds partly cloudy during the afternoon hours here. we will take a break. look at the wind's blowing strongly south and west. through tuesday and i mention that because it means more moist air will be moving into the area. temperatures will stay nice through wednesday but the second cold front will come through on tuesday night into wednesday. but that 50% chance of rain. this is not showing heavy rain but if chance to see good rain across the area on wednesday. make sure you are tracking with us for the next couple days of days and behind at the cold air circe filter in looking for snow chances as we move into wednesday morning. everything clears out until thursday night as the
10:33 pm
tonight temperatures 30s and 40s no freezing temperatures tonight. tomorrow will feel much like it did today mainly 60s upper 60s in the south rate how about 70 degrees in chester. seven-day forecast temperatures looking solid through wednesday. 67 and 60. overnight a relatively warm. thursday morning we almost bumped to the freezing mark in we will see 50's played out thursday friday and saturday. after the rangers on friday the weekend next weekend looks pretty good 50's to mid-60s. l financial data of 80,000 people might be compromised after a hacker broke into the university of california or cle computer system. university officials say students alumni and current and former employees might be affected. they say as it stands now there's no evidence and information was stolen but they have notified the central bank so they can keep in mind their
10:34 pm
the attack happened in december after christmas for university officials are working on tightening up their security system as a result. it looks and sounds like a grenade went off but believe it or not this a surveillance video capturing the sound of a hoverboard exploding inside of a suburban chicago home this month. investigators say the battery set up fake blaze and thankfully the family wasn't home at the time. the explosion started the fire that quickly spread from one side of the house. according to consumer watchdog group the united states has seen more than 300 nifty hoverboard explosions over the past six months. kayla: leap year comes around once every four years and this year. taylor's are ready to rollout leave day deals. jerry hillis has the details. >> leap day comes every four years that they are which the universe realize herself with
10:35 pm
retailers hope the date lines up with their spending dollars. >> we have special events, two-for-one specials, $29 specials. build list goes on and on. >> carabbas grella said offering coupons for 20% off your entire mail through march 6. before you head out check out things like hashtag leap year hashtag 29 or hashtag/sales and see what you come up with. you could score some coupons on your way. >> hotel deals like that for every young package at the georgetown hotel in washington d.c.. the deal includes dinner for two birthday cake and champagne toast. >> it today about the eating and drinking and special menus that revolve around the day.
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footlocker best buy and men's wearhouse are offering coupon codes. and jetblue slip before you leap sale. >> to give consumers something. chip lou --. >> it's about keeping assisting customers happy and attracting new ones. i knew iphone and ipad could be unveiled in just about a month. a new phone will have a smaller foreign screen but it's the next-generation ipad that is expected to headline apple's first product announcement beer. new apple watch and apple pays system are expected. the news the events is expected to be held on march 21 the day before apple will face off
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one of the same british shooters. bill: peyton manning reportedly will announce his retirement. manning turns 40 next month to continue his career with the denver broncos. he is coming off a super bowl carolina fans the broncos beat the panthers by a son of 24-10. >> former panther in author and pastor of one of charlotte's baptist churches. she's a former college javelin thrower who captured his heart. page crawford gets to know church pastored kirtland gray and his wife vicki.
10:38 pm
and i said that's awesome. >> he really stole my heart when we are playing basketball. he did a reverse dunk on me. >> she was shooting three-pointers in my face so i had to dunk. our first date was january 15, 1990 which is dr. king's birthday and now we go to multiethnic church. god had a dream. i don't know know field notice but my -- is a little bit better >> being able to understand the environment became other than you're able to look past that and be able to forgive. you go beyond taking it personally.
10:39 pm
first met andy take it personal at that point. as we got married and got older we realized they didn't set out to hurt us and make us feel bad and attack us. it was more the. amber: that they came from. >> over the years my family a door her. they love her and i think her parents liked me more than they like her. this is my son, he's a pastor. he has a doctorate. he knows the lord. anything you need help with he can do it.
10:40 pm
would --. >> i play with her ears. she said sometimes it hurts. >> no one is looking he goes --. >> it gets sore. >> for 26 years. >> talking about nascar jimmie
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his the picture 500 at atlanta speedway johnson was cruising to an easy victory with three laps to go come the more than a 52nd lead on kevin and second ryan newman has issues with their left her the car.
10:43 pm
brings the pack back to johnson in an overtime restart. johnson maintains his lead on the restart and an accident on the back straightaway with johnson able to make it to the overtime line on the back stretch. he goes on to win back-to-back races in atlanta pretty ones the quiktrip 500. dale earnhardt junior was second kyle bush was third. johnson ties dale earnhardt senior for seventh place all-time on the waiting list for this 76 career wins cup victory. >> to have 76 with dale earnhardt senior something i'm very proud of. there has been a big void in my mind about not having the chance to race against him and literally a handful of months away from having that opportunity.
10:44 pm
gives me a little bit of an attachment to the great dale earnhardt. next up nascar heads to the cobalt 400. the race is next sunday at las vegas motor speedway. the race goes green at 3:30 p.m. you can see the right here on "fox 46 news" today the hornets had napped and again the tip off top at 3:30 in atlanta. the problem, they only scored nine points in the first quarter so they trailed by 14 points after one. they would rally in the second half. it was the driver in the bucket. the lead was down to five but then in the fourth al jefferson hit a jumper. that made it a two-point old game and from there the hawks with low them away. atlantic beach charlotte 87-76. not a bad month for the hornets. they go 7-3 in the month of february and 3-2 on their road
10:45 pm
>> the game was one of the first quarter. you build yourself that the whole insipid team it's hard to win. we will never be that good of the team, if we leave your disappointed because we had a chance to go for everyone to move forward. today we were. horribly disappointing in a way. we have to change that before tuesday. to host the phoenix suns tuesday cable arena. college hoops duke and 10 -- penn. first-half panthers up 10, make that 13. allen with the turnover young
10:46 pm
the blue devils fall 21 overall and 10-6 in the acp. our a.c.t.. the week is malcolm brogden. brockton tied a career-high with 20 points in virginia 64-61 loss to miami on tuesday to brogden led the cavaliers to 22-6
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three ranking in the every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars.
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kayla: diversity in hollywood continues to trend down oscar night. the industry's biggest names gathering for the awards in los angeles when the midst of the glitz and glamour many stars get serious and tuned in on the ongoing debate regarding the lack of diversity in the entertainment industry. >> should there be more women? there should be a lot of things but how many asian actors in name but been nominated? >> inclusion means everybody. kayla: academy of motion picture arts and sciences came under fire after nominees for this year's award show turned out to be all white actors. it's a second-year pro-the
10:50 pm
actors of color. sir elton john surprising fans in california at the concert pretty performed some of his biggest hits including don't let the sun go down on me and rocket man. even had a surprise surprise guest is you can see the lady gaga showed up. he put word out of the free concert on twitter. kayla: the force is with the quality. star wars will include characters in future films. director j.j. abrams says star wars will be an inclusive franchise through the forest awakens was the first star wars film to have black and female leads. abram said it seems narrow-minded to say there would not be in galaxies far away. abrams directed and co-wrote the forest awakens. did pool keeps knocking them dead topping the box office for the third consecutive week. egyptian gods are not powerful enough to take on the latest homerun from the marvel universe. dead poll dominated earning an
10:51 pm
ryan reynolds wisecracking antihero has reached $285.6 million domestically and number three all-time among rated r. movies. got to be just couldn't do much in its opening weekend debuting at the disappointing $14 million. gotham bands you'll you want to get ready after midseason break to take the penguin and the rest of the city. there are backs to get ready to meet brand-new balance and say hello to ban favorites. rick leventhal has more. >> you confessed to murder. the world of gotham is about to get more twisted and dark as the show continues with a raft of the villain chapter beginning monday on fox. >> it's such a dark show but it really gets real especially for for -- he goes through one of
10:52 pm
torturous experiences is ever raised in this light. more than introducing new villains we are having felons from previous seasons reborn. although we do get into mr. freeze immediately at the beginning of the second half. we also have some villains who were around before who are reborn in a laboratory run by hugo strange. >> fan favorites, the fish is on the chopping block. she's coming back in a new way and i think he will be very captivating television. for jim gordon his day job in his home life will be affected by his recent choices. >> jim's demons are not going to play out in his personal life
10:53 pm
he's going to pay the price for what he is done and what he is about to do and what the audience is going to see. he pays a price not only with his own existence but his relationships and none more so than -- alfred m. ruse went to continue their training. >> he teaches him his own set of morals and coded conduct. which means young bruce will keep getting closer and closer to the cave crusader crusader he's destined to become. >> one of the things that is awesome about this season is you start to see trademark qualities that start to come out and it's really great. in new york rick leventhal "fox news." bill: to bury you get to go watch a premiere of -- premiere of gotham starting at 8:00 on fox 46.
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again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! kayla: the photo of a 5-year-old boy from afghanistan wearing a striped plastic bag made to look like his favorite player's
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now he is the real thing. this he surprised about with two autographed jerseys and balls. the boy's family said they hope this story will help encourage peace in afghanistan. let's send it over to brian basham for a final check of the weather. >> a fellow looks pretty cute. we have great weather planning on sticking around in the piedmont in the next couple of days. tomorrow will certainly be the case. layers issued out the door because we start out at 44 but 58 probably by 10:00 a.m. in the morning or surely after class starting our day sunday in fairly cloudy during the mid-morning hours mostly clear during the nighttime. pretty comfortable outside. you can wear short sleeves during the afternoon hours. there will be the case of the next couple of days because we will be back at 67 on tuesday.
10:58 pm
like it will move in later in the day and picking up early wednesday morning to 50% chance of showers. in the 60s at that point but that's a cold front coming through dropping is down to almost freezing by sunday morning -- thursday morning. rain chances especially thursday night and friday but next weekend i went to the home show last week it was awesome. >> nice weather but we were all
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one quick question before we go. hey, you guys. hey, come on in. happy birth... shh! don't say that loud. gunther's going to want to hug me. good news, everyone. we finally found a nanny. this is molly. molly... chandler, joey. hi. ( baby crying ) oops, somebody's getting a little fussy. i'm just going to take her outside. no, you stay. i'll do it. okay, thank you.
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joey: yeah, you, too. wow, molly's just great. yes, bravo on the hot nanny. what? you really think she's hot? are you kidding? if i wasn't married, she'd be rejecting me right now. joey? how do you think she's doing? am i the only one that doesn't think that she's hot, ross? eh. i mean, i mean she's not unattractive but, but hot? eh. thank you. now that rachel's gone? so hot i cried myself to sleep last night. i'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour i'll be there for you


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